7 amazing discounts on phones during the Amazon Fab Phone Fest
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7 amazing discounts on phones during the Amazon Fab Phone Fest

Rishabh Pachory

Every year, there are a slew of new and amazing smartphones launched that go to shape the future of mobile technology as we know it. Often times, these phones are exorbitantly priced, making them tough to buy for the regular audience. A salvation, the Amazon Sale on mobile phones has made been resurrected this year and there are some great deals on up to 20 smartphones. Here, we take a look at which of these are the best discounts and which phone has the best value for money.

Apple iPhone X

The phone that normalized notches, gave us a truly bezel less chin and side is now on a discounted sale. When the phone was launched, it made waves and people flocked to buy the phone. In fact, the phone was so good that it even holds up against flagships today and offers some great features and an even better camera. With the Amazon Sale, you can get a discount of up to ₹23,940, making it a steal and giving you great value for your money.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Now that the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are out, this is the perfect time to buy the last generation flagship smartphone. Samsung's last flagship phone offers a great design with an amazing display. It steer clears of notches, pop-up cameras, punch hole displays and what have you. It sticks to the traditional screen display while providing minimal bezels across the sides, top and bottom. The phone is mighty enough to give the flagships today a run for their money and with the discount of up to ₹18,100, it's an offer you can't refuse.

Honor View 20

When the Honor View 20 was first announced earlier this year, it made waves and heralded an era of Punch hole displays. The phone had people sceptical about the feature but the trend seems to have picked up. The phone comes in powerful specifications such as an 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage, making it a strong competitor with a design that won't be outdated. Now that the phone is available at a discount of ₹5,000, it is the perfect time to buy the phone. To add to the offer, the company is offering the discount on both the base and premium variant of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung's newest A series phones- the A10, A30 and the A50 have done a lot to increase the company's user base in the country and regain their position in the mid-tier smartphone segment. The A9 may be a little old but it is by no means an outdated smartphone. In fact, it was one of the first phones to sport a quad camera setup, which still holds up today. Apart from that, the phone offers great specifications that make the phone fast and a good buy. On the phone, the company is giving buyers a discount of ₹11,200 on the top variant and ₹11,111 on the base variant.


The OPPO R17 is a formidable phone that has made a mark for itself since its launch. The affordable price point, the unique design and great display have made it a great phone in the mid-tier budget section. Though the phone comes only in one variant, it is powerful and has a range of abilities that make it a great competitor in the price bracket. Now that the phone is available at a discount of ₹10,000, this is the best time to buy the fan favourite mobile.

OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T is probably the best all round phone in the market as of now. It has powerful specifications, fast speed and an in display fingerprint sensor that makes it more future proof than ever. The 6T has been a fan favourite since it first came out and is one of the more affordable phones of the lot. Now, since the phone is getting a ₹4,000 discount, it makes it an all the more viable option and offers a great bang for your buck.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The smartphone camera king that dethroned the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, is now getting a big discount. The phone is powerful, has a great camera with a lot of potential and is a widely loved phone. It comes in only a 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage variant, which is enough for most users and promises great performance paired with extra benefits of the software. Now, the phone is up for grabs at a price cut of ₹5,000, which makes it an even better choice now.

The above mentioned phones are some of the best smartphones from the past year and now, that they are on discount, you should consider buying them. The phones are powerful contenders in their price brackets and offer a great value for money. Since the phones are in no way outdated, it makes perfect sense to get one of them while they're on sale. The sale went live on April 11 and will be on till April 13