Best earphones to buy under ₹2,000 | May 2019
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Best earphones to buy under ₹2,000 | May 2019

Rishabh Pachory

Music is a very essential part of our lives. In fact, it is probably our only saviour in a place like public transport or a during a long journey. What better way to experience the magic of music through some of the best earphones? Even if you're not listening to music, you can still use the earphones to block out the white noise around you. If however, you're confused about which earphones to buy under ₹2,000, we've got the perfect guide for you.

Sennheiser CX 275s

Sennheiser is often regarded as one of the best audio accessories makers out there and the CX 275s reinforces that fact. The headset is well built, has a mic with a button for added functionality and are rather stylish. On the whole, the earphones are sturdy and even come with a nice carrying case. As for the sound, these are crisp and have a wide audio range. The best part about these is that if you switch from JBL, you'll feel the earphones to be more bass heavy.

Buy them here for ₹1,660


Probably one of the best bluetooth headsets for those always on the go. The JBL T110 has a small footprint, a sturdy cable that wraps around your neck and comfortable ear tips for using the headset for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, pairing the earphones to a phone or a laptop is quite a breeze and you can keep switching between devices on the go. The earphones also come in multiple colours, so you can personalize them as you wish.

Buy them here for ₹1,999

JBL Endurance

The JBL Endurance headsets are built to last. They feature a sturdy design and are perfect for those who work out extensively. It features the classic JBL sound quality that we are all fans of and takes it up a notch. It blends sturdiness, design and sound quality all in one package to give you a completely new and unique listening experience. Highs and lows on this headset are clear and crisp, so anything that you watch or listen to has a more immersive sound.

Buy them here for ₹1,299

Skullcandy Method

The Skullcandy Methods are probably the most premium headsets you can buy in this price range. They feature a sweat proof design and offer a great listening experience. The sound quality could be a little better but when comparing with other earphones in a similar price range, the Methods do stick out as the best sounding and looking earphones. They also have a mic along with a couple of dedicated buttons for music control, which is something that the other headsets miss out on.

Buy them here for ₹1,699

Audio Technica ATH-CK 400i

Audio Technica headphones and earphones are some of the best in the industry. THe CK 400i earphones are no different and they feature top of the line audio quality paired with a great, ergonomic design. The earphones also come with a neat wire management system so you don't have to spend most your time untangling the earphones. There is also a remote on one side which has the volume rockers as well as the microphone. Since the earphones have great spatial sound, they are a nice choice for gamers as well.

Buy them here for ₹2,000