Best Power banks in India 2018
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Best Power banks in India 2018

Rounak Jain

While smartphones have gotten more powerful each year, smartphone batteries have not caught up to the technological advances in the overall power of smartphones. It can often struggle to have your smartphone last through the entire day with normal usage, especially in the days of dual SIM and 4G LTE networks. To help you out with this, we have compiled a list of the best power banks in India that you can buy.

However, not all power banks are made equal. While it's now easier to buy a high capacity power bank under Rs. 2,000, not every power bank comes with the same efficiency and cell quality, so it is essential to make sure you buy the right power bank. From Xiaomis to Ambranes, here are the best value for money power banks you buy in India.

Mi Power Bank 2i 20000mAh

Like it brought a revolution in India, Xiaomi also changed the landscape in the power bank market in India. Initially, the company launched the original Mi Power Bank with a 10,000mAh capacity which was extremely difficult to buy due to excessive demand. However, after noticing the popularity of its first power bank, Xiaomi launched multiple power banks since then, with capacities up to 20,000mAh.

At present, Xiaomi's Mi Power Bank 21 20,000mAh is the latest product from the company. It is available in 10,000mAh capacity as well. It is available on at Rs. 1,499.

Ambrane P-2000 20,800mAH Power Bank

Ambrane is a well-known name when it comes to smartphone accessories, especially when it comes to batteries, chargers and the like. The Ambrane P-2000 20,800mAh power bank comes with three ports that let you charge up to 3 devices at a time. The power bank also features an LED torch light, just in case you need one during a power cut and don't want to use up your phone's precious battery.

It is available on for Rs. 1,599.

Intex IT-PB16K 16,000mAh

Intex, another desi name well known for its computer and smartphone accessories, has a high capacity power bank compatible with most smartphones. The Intex IT-PB16K 16,000mAh power bank comes with 2 ports and a unique power saving mode for when you need the power bank to last as long as possible.

It is available on for Rs. 1,199.

Mi Power Bank Pro 10,000mAh

If you are looking for a power bank that supports fast charging - both for charging your phone and the power bank itself, then Xiaomi has the Mi Power Bank Pro on sale for you. The Mi Power Bank Pro 10,000mAh comes with support for 2-way fast charging with a USB Type C port and a Mi 2-in-1 USB cable that comes with a micro USB and a USB Type C adapter so you can charge almost every smartphone out there without worrying about port compatibility.

The Mi Power Bank Pro is available on at Rs. 1,299.

Samsung 10,000mAh power bank

Samsung is well known for its batteries, and the company has launched its own 10,000mAh power bank with a sleek metal design. It comes with one port and a LED charging indicator that shows you the level of charge left in the power bank. It is available for Rs. 1,740 on

Lenovo PA 13,000mAh

Lenovo is yet another well-known name in the consumer electronics industry and its PA 13,000mAh power bank offers two ports to charge two devices simultaneously. It comes in three color options and an LED indicator to show charge level left.

It is available on at Rs. 999.