Best power banks to buy in May 2019
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Best power banks to buy in May 2019

Rishabh Pachory

The number of mobile accessories and sellers in India are constantly growing. One of the most sold mobile accessory in India happens to be the powerbank- and for good reason. Phones these days are very powerful and tend to discharge and if you're travelling, then a powerbank is a must have. It helps keep your phone juiced up so you can stay productive on the move and not have to worry about charging points and such.

With the plethora of options to choose from, it can get confusing and tiring deciding which ones to buy. Here, we've listed the best of the best power banks that won't let you down- even if it's a really long journey.

Mi 20,000mAH power bank

This powerbank is a bit on the expensive side, but if you want to charge your phone several times using the power bank, this should be the perfect choice. The power bank takes about 10-12 hours to be completely charged. But the pay off is amazing because you can charge a phone multiple times. It even has two USB ports, which allows it to charge two phones simultaneously.

Buy it here for ₹1,499

Duracell PB10050

We all know what a classic Duracell battery looks like and this is no different. Only much bigger and broader. With a capacity of 10050mAH, you can charge your phone at least two to three times before this thing runs out of juice. Apart from that, the circuitry inside makes it capable enough to charge a phone while charging the power bank itself.

Buy it here for ₹2,499

Mi 10,000mAH

Mi is well known for their high quality mobile phone accessories. Though the 20,000mAH power bank is a great product, this one is better for those who want the battery back up in a smaller, more compact form. The powerbank is a great choice for those always on the move and need to be productive at all times. The power bank is very reasonably priced which is what makes it the perfect companion for all your travel needs.

Buy it here for ₹899

Pebble Pico

The Pebble Pico is an extremely ergonomic power bank and is regarded as the smallest 10,000mAH power bank. Though it isn't very big, the performance on this is great. It has support for a 2.1V outlet which helps your phone charge faster. The best part about the power bank, apart from its size is the fact that it has a digital display that lets you know the battery and other information.

Buy it here for ₹945

Philips DLP6006N

Philips is well known in the mobile accessories market. They make reliable cables, headsets, chargers and more. Their latest power bank follows the same tradition and is definitely well built and offers a great value for your money. With the onboard 11,000mAH battery, you can rest assured that your phone won't be running out of juice any time soon. The power bank also has a tiny screen that displays battery and other information.

Buy it here for ₹999

Syska X110

The Syska Port 100 is something of a best seller in the power bank game. It comes with a LED at the side that allows you to know how much battery is left in the charger. This is a rather neat feature as it lets you know when you need to charge it. It also has a power button on the side so you don't end up wasting power. The 11,000mAH battery in this is enough to power your phone a couple of times and you should consider buying this one.

Buy it here for ₹899

The above list chalks out some of the best power banks in the market right now. Each of them excel at charging your phone anywhere you are and with their massive battery capacities, it is a load off your head and you no longer have to worry about your phone battery going kaput.