Flipkart Festive Dhamaka Days 2018: Best Deals on Games and Accessories

Flipkart Festive Dhamaka Days 2018: Best Deals on Games and Accessories

2018 has seen the release of many triple-A titles on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Though it is easy to purchase the digital codes of the games via PS Network or Steam, the charm of holding the game CD in your hand brings about some serious nostalgia.

To spoil all you gamers out there, Flipkart's Festive Dhamaka Days has some awesome bargains on games and accessories for you so you can take your performance to the next level in the high octane moments of your gameplay.

God of War

Perhaps the most anticipated game of 2018, Sony's God of War was released earlier this year in April. For those of you who still haven't played it, now is your chance. Flipkart has slashed the price by a huge margin and made it very affordable for PS4 owners. So pick up your controllers and dive into the magical world of God of War.

Discount Price - Rs. 2,399 | Original Price - Rs. 3,999

Marvel's Spider-Man

Another Sony Play Station exclusive game, Marvel's Spider-Man has gained much acclaim for its dynamic gameplay and life like swinging physics developed by Insomnia Games. If you still haven't, now is the best time to purchase the game as Flipkart is offering a very lucrative deal on the game. At a 37% discount, the game is a bargain deal you just can't miss.

Original Price - Rs. 4,999 | Discount Price - Rs. 2,499

Razer Abyssus 2000 and Goliathus Speed Terra Mouse Mat Bundle

This one is for the PC gamers. Razer is finally more affordable and you can purchase this amazing bundle at a huge price discount. With a DPI sensor of upto 2000, its a perfect choice for any MOBA or FPS you throw at it. It will enhance your game play and allow you to perfectly aim for the head.

Original Price - Rs. 2,899 | Discount Price - Rs, 1,699

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

If you ever felt lonely while playing a game, this deal is for you. Since Sony only includes one DualShock controller in the box, you may feel handicapped while playing multiplayer games such as Mortal Kombat or FIFA. This deal slashes the price of DualShock controllers making it the perfect opportunity to call over a couple of friends, and you're all set for a fun filled gaming party.

Original Price - Rs. 5,499 | Discount Price - Rs. 3,599

HP OMEN SteelSeries X7Z96AA Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

HP and SteelSeries have partnered together to bring you this amazing product. With perfect contours for the palm of your hand, you can expect a perfect fit for almost all hand sizes. The button are high quality and quite clicky bringing great feedback with every pull of the trigger. It comes with complete RGB lighting so you can personalize it to your liking.

Original Price - Rs. 5,499 | Discount Price - Rs. 1,999

Razer Cynosa Chroma Multi-color Membrane Wired USB Gaming Keyboard

With a huge 40% discount, this deal is not to be missed. Razer is known for its high quality keyboards and the tactile keys. Its is the choice of many eSports players due to customizable keys and macro functionality. With high anti ghosting technology, you can use up to ten keys at a single time, making it a go to for MOBA players. Razer Chroma backlight makes playing your game an even more immersive experience as they light up in tandem with your player.

Original Price - Rs. 4,999 | Discount Price - Rs. 2,999

Microsoft Xbox One S (1 TB)

If you have always wanted an Xbox, now is the time to fulfil your dream. This huge bargain will make your jaw drop as Flipkart is offering the console at a 22% discount. That's not all. The console will come bundled with two of Ubisofts best selling games, Rainbow Six: Siege and Assassins Creed: Origins. This is perhaps the best deal you can grab this festive season.

Original Price - Rs. 30,990 | Discount Price - Rs. 23,990