7 tips and tricks to win that chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

7 tips and tricks to win that chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Rishabh Pachory

PUBG Mobile recently released its latest and one of the best updates yet, brining the Resident Evil 2 crossover. The game now has an event mode where you have to 'Survive till Dawn' fighting hordes of Zombies while combating other players as well.

The new event mode is refreshing and adds something new to the game, which earlier only had classic and arcade modes. The zombies come in large numbers and you have to be vigilant so as to not get hit in the back by one of the walking deads. The variety of zombies at their varying difficulties adds to the excitement and once you're face to face with the Tyrant, only teamwork and coordination can save you.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind to win that chicken dinner in the new game mode.

Stick together

This is perhaps the most important tip out of the lot. The zombies come in hordes and it only makes sense to not tackle them all by yourself. Grab a couple of your friends and keep an eye out in all angles. Make sure that you properly communicate with them as well, so you can tell them exactly where the nest is and take it down. Also, if you do get knocked out by a zombie, make sure you're near at least two players. This way, one of them can provide cover while the other revives you.

Manage inventory and know which weapons to use

When playing the zombie mode, be sure to stock up on as much ammo, health resources and bombs you can find. You would also do well to pick up extended mags for your weapons as it would add to the number of zombies you can take down with a single magazine.

While keeping this in mind ensure that you take weapons with high damage and fire rates such as the Beryl M762 or the popular M416. Keep an eye on your health bar and use bandages or a first aid the moment you get a chance, because once night falls, you won't get time to heal up. Keep an eye out for the zombie bomb, which will kill almost all zombies in your radius while dealing no damage to your teammates.

Know the enemy

The new event mode has a variety of zombies and it is of utmost importance that you recognise their behaviours and patterns. This will not only make it easier for you to take them down, but also give you an idea if you should engage in a fight with them or not. Some of them are fast but deal less damage, some are slow but one blow can cut down your health by up to 40%. In fact, some even hurl acidic projectiles at you, so if you see a trail of green acid flying toward you, you'll know where to attack. You should also keep in mind that the boss, the Tyrant spawns in every game. He is the most difficult to take down, so be sure you have plenty of ammo and are coordinating with your teammates.

Know where to land

In case you thought landing in Pochinki was a bad idea, think again. With the zombie mode, it is crucial that you pick up a gun as soon as you land. What better place to do so than in Pochinki? Here, you can get some awesome loot and gain a few extra kills off of players that are engaged in fights with zombies. This not only gives you extra points, but also gives you more resources and a higher chance of winning the game. If you do land in a place with not so good loot, do not fret. The zombies themselves drop some resources when they are killed, so you can stock up on those as well.

Search for vehicles

Everyone knows how important finding a vehicle in PUBG Mobile is. In the zombie mode, not only will it get you to the safe zone faster, but also give you a chance to outrun the hordes of zombies that appear out of nowhere at night. You can also use the vehicle to maul down zombies if they get on your nerves. Be sure to have a few gas cans ready because you never know when your gas tank may run out of fuel. In case you were thinking of camping a house, place a vehicle at one of the main entrances of the building to prevent a handful of zombies from entering.

Attack the Tyrant

Though this is not the goal of the game mode and you can, in theory, win the game without killing the boss, you will get some great loot. No, we're not talking about the M249 LMG or the AWM. If you do manage to kill the Tyrant, you'll either get a minigun that can hold up to 200 rounds or a flamethrower that deals massive damage to zombies as well as other players. Additionally, killing the boss also rewards you with a bunch of bonus points, making the risk of fighting worthwhile.

Don't forget about other players

The zombie mode may be exciting and new, but do keep in mind that to win the game, you have to be the last squad standing. Don't tunnelvision on just zombies. Keep an eye out for other players as well, and once they're fighting zombies, swoop in for the kill. Many players you encounter could be so busy with the zombies, they may not realize there is a third party that is attacking them. This will get you some new resources and take you a step closer to winning the game.

At its essence, the goal of the game is to provide you with as much fun as you can have and the new game mode definitely adds to the experience. The first few games may be something like a trial and once you've gone through this list, your chances of winning the game will surely increase.