After much feedback from the user base, Sony opens up cross platform play for all developers

After much feedback from the user base, Sony opens up cross platform play for all developers

Rishabh Pachory

The only problem of having a console is that often, your friends aren't on the same platform. Gaming is best enjoyed with friends and finally, it seems that Sony has heard our cries. After many years, the company has finally opened up to the idea of crossplay on consoles and are allowing cross platform multiplayer to all developers.

Though cross platform gaming on PS4 is not entirely non-existent, the company has now opened the doors for all developers. Last year, Fortnite boasted this feature and since the game is free to play, the user base was rather excited about it. Another game that has been doing it for a long time is Rocket League. The car-football game has gained a dedicated fanbase that are stoked to be able to play with their pals on Xbox.

Sony announced this development rather slyly and didn't make a huge deal out of it. The programme had been in beta for the past few months, but now, it is finally being rolled out.

Now, since Sony is allowing other developers to do the same, people won't have to worry about being on different platforms from their friends. It is only a matter of time that Dice and Activision also use this technology to connect gamers. Soon, one could play Call of Duty or Battlefield along with thier friends on different platforms. Other developers should soon follow suit.

Apart from just being able to play with your friends on consoles, you can also play with players from the PC user base. Though this has both ups and downs, gamers don't seem to be complaining. However, it goes without saying that the PC gamers will have a distinct advantage of using a mouse and a keyboard.

At any rate, the gaming world is about to become a lot more open and welcoming of gamers from all platforms. This has literally been the dream of many and now, finally, the dream has come true.