CD Projekt Red reveals Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, launch date and more at E3 2019

CD Projekt Red reveals Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, launch date and more at E3 2019

Rishabh Pachory

CD Projekt Red is a game developing company that needs no introduction. With AAA titles such as the Witcher franchise under their belt, they are one of the biggest fan favourites right now. For a while now, the company had kept fans in the dark about when their latest title, Cyberpunk 2077 would launch and yesterday, they revealed the trailer for the game, the launch date and the fact that it stars Keanu Reeves. The game will launch on 16th April, 2020 and we're already hyped up.

Fans of the game were waiting for the launch date more than anything else. Last year, when the developers released a 45 minute gameplay footage video, fans were all agog and left stunned at the game, which clearly showed that CD Projekt Red was doing their job thoroughly. However, there was no clear date on when the game would actually launch which is what most fans needed to know.

Finally, the launch date of the game was revealed yesterday and it came as a bigger relief to fans than the trailer itself. A major surprise element of the reveal was that the launch date of the game was announced by Keanu Reeves himself, and what's more is that he seems to have a major role in the game itself.

As for the game itself, it seems to be one of the most intricate and most free open world experiences you can imagine. Each aspect of the world feels alive and charismatic. The presentation at E3 itself was satisfying and

At any rate, fans couldn't have been happier with the announcement. Along with these details, the company also announced that the game is up for preorder starting now, with a few added bonuses such as action figurines a steel case and some extra paperwork.