Cyberpunk 2077's deep dive gameplay gives an insight into playstyles, environment and RPG systems

Cyberpunk 2077's deep dive gameplay gives an insight into playstyles, environment and RPG systems

Rishabh Pachory

One of the most highly anticipated games of probably the generation, Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out soon and the wait seems endless. To make the wait more sufferable, CD Projekt Red released a gameplay video of the game yesterday. Though it was unlike the 45-minute gameplay that came out last year, the deep dive video gives us some major hints as to what we'll be doing in the game, how you can tune your character and how missions will play out depending on your style of play.

Dive into Pacifica

One of the major highlights of the gameplay demo was the extensive district of Night City, Pacifica. The developers showcased this as a place where 'reality meets dreams and it's a disappointment'. Sure enough, the visuals and the world is convincing enough and there's not much explaining to do.

Apart from that, more information on drivable vehicles is also given, the coolest of which is an Akira themed motorcycle, along with a futuristic bulletproof vehicle that blends in with the cyberpunk environment.

Diverse play styles

One of things that was highly emphasized in the video was the fact that there are no fixed classes. A dynamic system that allows you to mix and match between either going Solid Snake with hacking or going in, guns blazing like Doomguy. The choice is yours and how you play the game will lead to a different way that each mission plays out. With the highly detailed skill tree, you can play however you like.

Into the Net

The video also explains a bit about how Cyberpunk's world is connected to something called the Net. Since everything and everyone has cybernetic implants, it only makes sense that everything is stored in an IoT like setting. This dynamic in the game can lead to several interesting choices that you'll make and even for a unique storyline.

The Gangs

Though we already knew that Night City has loads of gangs, each with thier own agendas, the Deep Dive video showcases two of them, their motives and how you can tackle them, or better yet, join them. Whichever style you choose, it will have a difference on how the story pans out.

RPG Systems

Since this is a CD Projekt Red game, we're not surprised that there are RPG systems in place. The most insane one is the fact that you can choose your character's back story, which then allows you to unlock hidden dialogues that are key to the story and will lead to a branching result that wouldn't have come out otherwise.

Keanu Reeves!

Ever since the developers showed Keanu Reeves, or Johnny Silverhand in game, fans have been yearning for new information on his character. This time, the developers have delivered, even if just a bit.

It seems that Johnny is either a friend or a foe and that's up to you. He's going to be inside your head all the time, like a conscious voice that tells you what to do. However, like everyone else in Night City, he's got his own agenda and that often leads to you being his puppet.

Though we're not against keeping Keanu as a friend, it would be fun to see what his agenda is and why he's chosen us.

Well, folks, that's pretty much all they announced yesterday and the new gameplay has given us stuff to think about for days to come. We're really excited to play the game when it comes out on PC, XBox and PS4 on April 16, 2020.