Here's something new about the PS5 that you didn't know

Here's something new about the PS5 that you didn't know

Rishabh Pachory

The Sony PS5 is around the corner and gamers are really excited about it. Over the past few months, we have been hearing quite a lot about the upcoming console. Earlier, we got a funky looking render of what the console would look like. Now, we have some new information about the PS5 which no one saw coming.

It has been reported that the PS5 seems to have some sort of a virtual assistant that will help gamers improve performance and other such things. The assistant will also help keep a check on your system and let you know the optimal performance temperature, among other things.

There has been some news about the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett to have mostly the same hardware, but the fact remains that the two will be completely different in terms of what they do and how they function.

The addition of the virtual assistant is something that we weren't expecting, so it's great to see something out of the box. However, we're not really sure about the working of this assistant, which is what we're eager to know about.

Though there is a similar feature in existing PS4s, it is on a very small scale. A recent update allowed gamers to interact with their console using an AI, which would also help you answer questions about a game that you're playing and would pull out useful information from the internet, if you happen to get stuck.

The tech on the PS5 will be something similar, but a lot more advanced, and honestly, we're pumped up about it. At any rate, the PS5 is going to be a much awaited launch and now that Sony has made a statement saying that the console won't be all that expensive, we're eagerly waiting to get our hands on it.