Kojima's Death Stranding gets release date; full trailer revealed

Kojima's Death Stranding gets release date; full trailer revealed

Rishabh Pachory

Of the many games that are set to come out in the coming few years, none is as hyped as Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. The game was first announced a few years back at an E3 conference and since then, fans have been speculating about the game's story, gameplay and core mechanics. Now, we've finally got a release date- November 8, 2019, more information about the game and players can preorder the game as well.

The trailer for the game was revealed at a live stream a few days back. Along with that, preorders for the game also went live. As for the trailer itself, it is the most extensive one we have seen from Kojima studios about the game. The eight minute trailer gives an idea about the story of the game.

From what is seen, there seems to be something about two worlds, which connected via tube babies. Apart from that, the trailer shows actual ingame footage of the environment as well as some of the physics and mechanics in the game.

Essentially, the game seems to have a lot of emphasis on individuality and exploration, meaning that you can play the game however you want to. There also seem to be several mechanics that allow the player to combat one situation in several ways. This is nothing new from Kojima as his previous Metal Gear series also follow along the lines of individuality and letting the player play however they wish to.

The Death Stranding trailer is truly bone chilling and though we're still as confused about the game, it is great to see that we finally have a release date. The extended trailer also gives a glimpse into some of the features of the game and we can't wait to get our hands on it when it finally launches.