PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Beta brings MK47 Mutant AR, Laser Sight and more

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Beta brings MK47 Mutant AR, Laser Sight and more

Rounak Jain

Tencent has announced the 0.10.0 Beta for PUBG Mobile Android and iOS devices. In a post on Reddit, the company announced that the Beta version is now available for Android and iOS users, along with providing a download link.

While Tencent has not provided the detailed patch notes, it has revealed that the MK47 Mutant Assault Rifle and the Laser Sight are the major additions in this update. If you were expecting a new vehicle or a map, you will be disappointed as Tencent has not added them in this update.

In addition to the gun and attachment, the Beta update also brings improved control settings, additional chat options, new outfits and several bug fixes.

Starting with the MK47 Mutant, it is an Assault Rifle and is already available in the PC and Xbox versions of the game. It has a 20-ammo magazine which can be expanded up to 30 bullets using an extended magazine. It uses the 7.62m ammo and has slots for magazine, grips, muzzle and a sight or scope.

Tencent has also added a new Laser Sight attachment that provides better recoil control when doing hip fire.

The new control customizations include several presets and variables for screen layout. To improve teamwork, Tencent has added several scripted text and voice dialogues that will help you to communicate with your teammates.

It is expected that the Beta will run for a week or two and after fixing the issues reported in the Beta, Tencent will start rolling out a stable version in the coming weeks.

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Beta: What's new

  • MK47 Mutant: previously on Xbox One and PC, it's now on Android and iOS too. This is an assault rifle with multiple fire modes and a 20-bullet clip.

  • Laser Sight Attachment: this allows players to fire more accurately and the MK47 is just one of the many weapons that can make use of it.

  • New control settings: players can customise the screen layout with new preset and variable options

  • Additional chat options: dozens of scripted text and voice dialogue options have been added to make communication between teammates easier. These fall under tactics, movement, and discussion categories

  • New in-game outfit

  • Bug fixes