Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to be an absolute beast of a gaming console

Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to be an absolute beast of a gaming console

Rishabh Pachory

A few days back, Sony announced some big news that was music to gamers' ears. The company announced that they would launch the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 in the summer holidays of 2020 along with some games that will soon come out on the PlayStation 4. Along with the announcement, Sony also gave us a few details into the hardware of the gaming console and it seems that it is going to be a powerhouse indeed.

Renders of the Sony PS5.
Renders of the Sony PS5.

Let's get into the specifications of the Sony PS5. Though the price, memory and storage are unknown, we do have information that the console will run on an AMD Ryzen 8 core processor. The chip is quite fast and should offer a huge graphical upgrade when it comes to gaming. Performance on this chip should also be quite good and almost at par with PCs.

On the Sony PS5, there is expected to be a really powerful GPU, with unknown teraflops, but it could highly likely be a custom made Ryzen Navi chip. This chip will open up new possibilities for game developers and the graphics on the PS5 should take a huge jump. Though the PS4 has not failed in any department, the PS5 will take it all up several notches. Additionally, the PS5 is set to launch with support for up to 8K displays, so you can game with the highest details.

Another feature that is new is the addition of an SSD. Though Sony has not yet given out information on the storage options, one can expect more than 500GB of SSD storage. SSD storage is expected to take the loading speeds on the new gaming console up to the next level. Apart from that, even performance and gaming experience on the console will increase substantially.

Apart from just giving out some information about the hardware of the console itself, Sony also revealed some information about the controllers of the new console. They have stated that a new haptic feedback will change the way that we as gamers perceive the environment. This will mostly be prevalent in the L2 and R2 buttons.

At any rate, Sony seems to have hit the right spots and will look to completely change the game with their new console.