Android 10 (Q) to start rolling out on Pixel smartphones from September 03

Android 10 (Q) to start rolling out on Pixel smartphones from September 03

Rishabh Pachory

In what seems to be one of the biggest pieces of information over the past few days, we finally have a release date for the highly awaited Android version, Android 10. And no, this one won't have a funky dessert name to go with it. Sadly enough, Google has ditched that wagon altogether.

A recent screenshot of a chat screen between two Google Support agents was showcased on popular tech website Phonearena. In the screenshot one of the chat members casually confirms that the 10th version of Google's OS, Android is on it's way and will come to all Pixel phones, even the first one, on September 03, 2019. Sooner than you expected isn't it?

Apart from that, Google recently announced that they're done using names of sweets and desserts. From here on, Google's Android OS will come out with regular numbered updates, which is slightly disappointing. With that, they also launched a new logo for the OS, which is pretty much the same as the old one, but is more geometrically pleasing.

As for Android Q or 10, whatever you wish to call it, there are a few tweaks and major updates. One of the biggest one is the fact that Google is pushing the use of gestures in their phones, which they first introduced in Android 9.0 Pie. This time, they've improved upon it.

Another feature that's finally coming to Android 10 is Dark mode. In Android 9.0, you can, theoretically enable dark theme but the process is rather tedious and doesn't affect the UI of the entire phone. With the improved one, you can change all apps to the dark theme using just a toggle switch.

Android v10 will bring a slew of new features that we can't wait to try out. Stay tuned to Tecsense for more on the upcoming Android version.