After Google Apps, Facebook is the only Android app with more than 5 billion downloads

After Google Apps, Facebook is the only Android app with more than 5 billion downloads

Rishabh Pachory

It is 2019 and one question that seems redundant now is "Are you on Facebook?" because yes, everyone is on Facebook. Since so many people have begun using smartphones now, it only makes sense that Facebook would be one of the apps that you download on a new phone. Now, in a new report, it turns out that Facebook is actually one of the most downloaded app from the Google Play Store, with over 5,00,00,00,000 (billion) downloads.

As of now, very few apps have crossed this milestone. In fact, all of the apps with more than 5 billion downloads happen to be the preloaded apps. These are all Google Apps, that come on board with every Android phone you can think of. Mainly, they include Google Play Services, YouTube Google Maps and the likes. Even phones like Samsung, with their own browsers, have to make use of these apps and it only makes sense to have them preloaded on to the phone.

The fact that Facebook is the only non Google app to cross the milestone is actually not that big of a surprise. It is the largest and most widely used social media platform across all countries. With a massive user base in India and other Asian countries, along with plenty of users in North America and Europe, it was bound to have the most downloads of any app.

What's neat is that this development comes at least five years after the first time that Facebook crossed one billion downloads on the Google Play Store. This means that the growth in terms of downloads has been rather stable, clocking in approximately a billion downloads in a year, which is a massive feat when you think about it.

Even though the past few years have been a bit rough for the company, the user base has remained as dedicated as ever. At any rate, the 5 billion mark is a huge step in the right direction for Facebook.