Apple aims to rework their disappointing butterfly mechanism keyboard in new Macbooks

Apple aims to rework their disappointing butterfly mechanism keyboard in new Macbooks

Rishabh Pachory

Let's face it. The Apple Macbook 2015 keyboard is probably the most hated Apple product of all time. In the past, Apple products have been synonymous with quality and longevity. This keyboard however, is one that failed in a big way and so much so that Apple themselves admitted to having made a huge blunder. Now, finally, the 2019 Apple Macbooks will feature a new keyboard that won't compromise functionality for design.

As per the latest reports, the newer Apple Macbooks coming out in 2019 will feature a new keyboard mechanism. The current butterfly keys have the issue of going kaput if even a little bit of dust enters the key frames. In 2017, Apple attached a silicone membrane to tackle this but that heeded no results. Finally, they're going to opt for an entirely new scissor mechanism.

The reports have stated that the new Apple keyboards will feature glass fibres which will help not only make the keyboard more durable, but also more tactile. This too was a major issue with the butterfly keyboard. The feedback felt less like a keystroke and more like a mouse click. However, since both the complaints are being tackled with one change, we're glad to see that Apple is willing to change and accept that they did screw up.

However, readers must note that the same report suggested that this new keyboard will only feature in the newer Macbook Air coming out later in the year. At the same time, many had speculated about a 16-inch Macbook Pro and as of now, there is no detail whether that will use the new mechanism or the old one. As for the existing Macbook Pros, they should get the new keyboard mechanism by 2020, replacing the butterfly keys altogether.

The main issue with the existing keyboards was that keys would often become unresponsive or in some cases, not act in the way they're supposed to. If you think that this was some issue that only a few users faced, think again because this issue was worldwide and Apple even took back many Macbooks to repair them and ship them back to the users. Finally, we're going to get a new Macbook keyboard and it should spark joy in each one of us.