Apple iPhone prices in India fourth highest in the world

Apple iPhone prices in India fourth highest in the world

Rishabh Pachory

If you are looking for the best rate for an iPhone, India is not the ideal country. A new report has found that the price of iPhone XS in India is the fourth highest in the world, lagging behind only Brazil, Turkey and Argentina.

At $1,635, the cost of iPhone XS in India is less only when compared to Brazil, Turkey and Argentina, said the report from Deutsche Bank. The report also revealed that iPhones are cheaper in Bangladesh than in India.

"Don't lose or damage your iPhone on holiday in Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, India or Greece as iPhones are 25-65 per cent more expensive than in the US - still the cheapest place to buy outside of Nigeria which we can't quite explain," said the "Mapping the World's Prices 2019" report from Deutsche Bank.

Apart from iPhones, the survey gives an account of the price differences of things like hotel rentals, gas price and haircuts among others. Haircuts in Copenhagen, Oslo and Zurich are 10-15 times as expensive as in Dhaka, Bengaluru, Manila and Cairo, the findings showed.

As Indians, we are always on the lookout for the cheapest and best price for the latest technology. Apple is one company that is always on the top of their game and ensures that users get what they pay for.

But upon learning that Indian users are actually paying more, it could dissuade many of them from using Apple products. As of now, a change in the market trend has not been seen as Apple users are rather loyal to the company. This can largely be owed to the fact that the software and hardware they make is unmatched by any other company.

Apple is a company that is notorious for such acts. Earlier, they were charged with selling low quality products when newer models came out and making older devices slower. At any rate, the fact that the company has such a wide audience in India ensures that they keep their foothold in the market.