Apple's iPhone 2019 may not switch to USB Type-C after all

Apple's iPhone 2019 may not switch to USB Type-C after all

Rishabh Pachory

Following the addition of a USB-C port in the latest iPad Pro, many speculated that the iPhone XI would also switch to the same, finally moving away from the Lighting connector on iPhones. According to latest reports, the upcoming iPhone will stick to the Lightning ports in order to keep costs low and ecosystem compatibility high. The news has fans rather disappointed as a USB-C connector would ensure a more a future proof iPhone.

Apple says that adopting a new port would inherently bring about a change in the design of the phone. Additionally, the company would have to make compatible power bricks, cables and earbuds with the phone. The two factors would lead to a substantial price hike in the phone, which is not something Apple wants to do.

This decision is something of a gamble from Apple. Due to their ongoing revenue unstability, they are avoiding the transition even though adding USB-C would be an advantage. Adding the new port would allow for fast charging in the upcoming iPhone as well as compatibility with several third-party manufacturers as well.

On the other hand, OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei and a few other Android competitors are already offering fast charging. In fact, the upcoming Samsung S10 is expected to launch with bluetooth earphones to rival AirPods. Due to these reasons, many iPhone users are shifting to Android manufacturers.

Though Apple will not be adding the USB-C port this year, they could add it to future iPhone models, and make their phones more universally connected. Almost every phone uses a USB-C port and it's about time iPhones had it too.