This gimbal by Digitek can help you shoot pictures and videos like a pro

This gimbal by Digitek can help you shoot pictures and videos like a pro

Bruce McAvoy

Digitek, an Indian photographic and smartphone accessories company has launched its new 3-axis smartphone gimbal in India. The Digitek Gimbal Stabilizer DGS005 aims to provide highly accurate and crisp pictures or videos. There are not a lot of options in the market when it comes to purchasing a gimbal in India. Most of the professional photographers use DJI gimbals which don't come in cheap.

This is the gap which the Digitek Gimbal can very easily fill with its new 3-axis smartphone gimbal. The device supports in-use charging functionality which means that the gimbal can be used even when it is being charged. The smartphone that is used to record/capture a frame can also be charged simultaneously when in use.

The On/Off buttons on the device also control the switch between rear and front-facing cameras. When connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone and the Digitek stabilizer app, users can take more control of the frame with features like face tracking, time lapse presets, smart object track, panorama shooting presets, zoom controls among other things.

Digitek's 3-axis gimbal can be easily used with one hand and the rest will be taken care of by the three shooting modes: pan and tilt, pan following and lock mode. These three modes can be used via the joystick button which allows for a tactical control over the frame's surrounding.

Digitek claims that on a full charge which takes around 3-4 hours, the gimbal can be used for 12 hours. Now, we haven't played around with the gimbal yet to give you an opinion on the battery life, but for the price, we cannot really complain.

Price and availability

The Digitek 3-axis smartphone gimbal is priced at ₹10,995 and is available on Amazon India. The gimbal is also available in retail stores pan India.