Finally, Xiaomi adds an app drawer to MiUI in an alpha build

Finally, Xiaomi adds an app drawer to MiUI in an alpha build

Rishabh Pachory

Xiaomi phones are some of the best selling ones in India. In some ways, it is the budget smartphone king and their phones are well known for their software. Finally, Xiaomi seems to have heard what people want and they have added an app drawer to MiUI, which was a highly requested feature.

As of now, the feature has not been released for all users as it is still in its beta mode. The lines of code for an app drawer and app shortcuts were seen in the unstable built of the latest alpha builds, which means that it could be a while before we actually see it in all Xiaomi phones.

There will be a dedicated button on the home screen which will allow users to switch between on the home page or the app drawer. As for app shortcuts, they first made a debut with Android Nougat and allow the app's icon to show direct shortcuts for app functions just by long pressing the icon.

As of now, the app drawer on MiUI doesn't seem to work the same way as the other phones. From what we have seen, the usual pull up gesture seems to close the app drawer, instead of opening it. Users will have to tap the button to actually get into the app drawer. Seeing as this a feature that is still in its early alpha builds, it is highly likely that the company will tweak most of the functioning.

Other Chinese phone maker's OS already have an app drawer, which is something that is a basic feature. Most of these operating systems debuted with no app drawer and an iOS like look. However, most of them have ditched that and are opting for the more Android like feel for their custom ROMs.

At any rate, we are unsure when the feature will make its way into the stable build, but it should roll out with the upcoming MiUI 11.