Gboard now lets you create emojis that look like you

Gboard now lets you create emojis that look like you

Rounak Jain

Google has announced that it is rolling out an update to Gboard, bringing a new feature that lets you customize emojis based on your own appearance. That's right, you can now customize emojis to look a lot more like you, complete with options to adjust various aspects of your face and hair.

Google recently added a new Gboard Minis feature with a couple of sticker packs. Today, it has added a new option in Gboard Mini allowing users to recreate a range of emojis based on their appearance. This new feature is called Emoji Minis and it transforms your face into a bunch of emojis. You can express yourself even better in conversations with these personalized emojis.

To get started with this, open the stickers section in Gboard and tap on the last sticker option with a sketched face. Once you do that, you will see an option to 'Create' a mini. Tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions to create your own personalized emojis.

In its blog post, Google says that it is utilizing Machine Learning and 'artistry' to create personalized emojis.

Minis use a combination of machine learning and artistry to create illustrated stickers based on your selfie. Mini stickers also come in two other styles: 'bold,' for when you might be feeling a little extra, and 'sweet,' for when you want a softer touch. After you take a selfie, emoji Minis use Google's machine learning algorithms, known as neural networks, to suggest a skin tone, hair style and accessories that you can fine tune. Then, you choose a color for your hair, facial hair or different types of head coverings and eyewear. Add freckles or wrinkles—a little or a lot—if you'd like.

Google is rolling out the Gboard update with this feature on both Play Store and the App Store. If you don't have this feature yet, make sure you have installed the latest Gboard update on your phone.