Get up to 1TB bonus data with these Airtel broadband offers

Get up to 1TB bonus data with these Airtel broadband offers

Rishabh Pachory

With Reliance Jio Gigafiber coming in as the latest player in the Indian broadband market, Airtel, another major player in the field has had to up their game. Jio is well known for its amazing offers at throwaway prices and Airtel is the opposite. Now, to combat Gigafiber, Airtel is offering up to a 1TB bonus on a few broadband plans.

The offer to avail of the 1TB extra data is valid only for users that have a plan of over ₹799, and the users that have the ₹799 plan can get up to 500GB of bonus data. Airtel will keep the offers valid up till March 31 and only in the cities that have Airtel's V-fiber technology.

As for the different plans that Airtel offers, the ₹799 plan gives users 100GB at 40mbps and the bonus makes users eligible for an additional 500GB. The ₹999 plan originally gives users 250GB monthly data at almost 100mbps speeds and the bonus makes users eligible for 1000GB more.

Apart from the basic internet data, users on the premium plans- the ₹999, ₹1,299 and ₹1,999 plans will make users eligible for a free Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription for a couple of months. The battle between the two mega houses of broadband has made them rethink their marketing strategies and how they come across to the public.

In the near future, we hope to see more stable and faster internet across all our devices as a result of the ongoing competition between the two companies. Well, with great data comes great responsibility, so use it wisely.