Google announces 2.5 billion devices are running Android OS

Google announces 2.5 billion devices are running Android OS

Rishabh Pachory

When you're looking to buy a new phone, there's one question that usually comes to mind. To go for an iOS phone or and Android phone. As far as operating systems are concerned, the average customer doesn't have much of an option. But since Android is completely open source, the number of smartphones running the OS is ever increasing. Now, a new report has been released suggesting that currently, there are at least 2.5 billion smartphones that run on some version of the Android OS.

The Android mobile Operating System is now running on 2.5 billion devices globally, which is an increase from the 2 billion figure that Google had announced two years ago. Stephanie Cuthbertson, Android's Senior Director made the announcement of the news at the Google's annual I/O conference. This milestone for the company comes about ten years after the first release of Android smartphone, which was the HTC Dream.

"However, keep in mind that the numbers are based on Google Play Store statistics and it doesn't take into account non-Google Play Store devices such as China's Android devices without Google Play Services enabled. So in reality, a lot more mobile devices are running Android right now," GSMArena reported late on Wednesday.

The 2.5 billion figure is not misleading in anyway, but just that the way these numbers have been taken into account shows that Google is taking a conservative step when it comes to releasing figures related to Android phones.

At the I/O event, the company also announced the launch of the Android Q beta 3 OS, which is now available for 21 smartphones. This is the first time that Google is rolling out the beta for so many phones. This is also in line with Google's project Treble, which mainly focuses on providing fast updates to all Android phones.

Additionally, Android is the most popular mobile OS, though over the course of the last few years, Google has also invested in KaiOS, which is an emerging project that could change the way smartphones are used in this day and age.