Google Assistant can now access your calendar

Google Assistant can now access your calendar

Rishabh Pachory


Google Assistant is one of the most convenient feature on Android phones and now, it is all set to make users' lives even more seamless. Google Assistant is finally coming to G Suite, starting with the Calendar app in beta within Google's enterprise platform.

In a blog post, which coincided with the announcement at the company's Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, the tech giant outlined how the integration will work.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

"Users with G Suite accounts can start testing with Assistant starting today," said the company. "G Suite is integrating with Google Assistant, specifically with Calendar," said David Thacker, Vice President of Product Management, G Suite. "Now when you sign in and switch to your G Suite account, you can use your Assistant to help you prepare for the work day," he said.

Assistant integration for the G Suite Calendar app applies for both mobile as well as desktop users. Since the integration is just an enterprise feature, it would not work on Assistant-compatible device synced to an individual's personal account. As of now, the feature will only work with Google's own calendar and in the future, will be expanded to third party apps as well.

In addition, the company is also bringing other improvements including third-party connectivity in Cloud Search, updates to Hangouts Meet to help businesses stay connected and "connected sheets" feature to let workers collaborate on up to 10 billion rows of data right from within Sheets, the post noted.

With the new feature, using Google Calendar will become much easier because it will directly incorporate Google Assistant. With the help of this, users will automatically receive notifications and the app will create reminders as well. Google Assistant has been making our lives easier for a long time and this is a step in the right direction.