Google Chrome to get dark mode on multiple operating systems soon

Google Chrome to get dark mode on multiple operating systems soon

Rishabh Pachory

If you're a person who enables a system-wide dark mode almost immediately after switching to a new phone or laptop, you're in for a treat. Google Chrome will soon be getting a dark theme that will be supported by Windows 10, MacOS and Linux as well.

Apart from the dark theme, Google Chrome's new update will also aim at fixing a few bugs and issues faced by a number of users on Windows 10 and Mac OS, making it more stable. In the near future, the dark theme will hit shores for mobile phones as well.

One of the things the new update will focus on is to improve RAM and battery management. We've all been there- Google Chrome just sucks out the memory from your RAM and it's high time that got a fix. Chrome will get the dark theme which can be toggled from the settings menu to turn it on or off. The update will also be coming for Windows 7, so those of you who still use it, can avail of this feature.

The details for this update were revealed on Reddit, where a Chromium developer showed a few lines of the code which hint towards a dark themed future. Additionally, the developer also stated that if users are not patient enough, they can opt for Chrome extensions which do fulfill the same task. As of now, the Reddit user only confirmed the feature for desktops and Mac OS devices.

There are no details about the release of this update, but it has been confirmed that Mac OS devices will be the first to get the feature and then Windows and Linux users can make use of it.