Google Home now understands Hindi!

Google Home now understands Hindi!

Rishabh Pachory

In April, when Google Home was launched in India, the response was stupendous. Fans ordered the device as soon as it went on sale online, while others rushed to the nearest stores to first experience it and then purchase the Google Home.

Six months from its launch, Google Home gets smarter, as now it will be able to understand your requests in Hindi as well. With added language support, it becomes more accessible to many Indians who require more services from the assistant. Although, users must note that English and Hindi cannot be used simultaneously. Earlier, Hindi language support was present in mobile devices and it has been ported to the Home assistant.

You can ask the same questions from your assistant in Hindi and expect similar responses. Added voice commands such as 'अलीगंज तक पहुँचने में कितना समय लगेगा?', 'आज की खबर बताओ' and general questions- 'माउंट एवरेस्ट कितनी ऊंची है?' can now be understood by the assistant. You can even ask for an overview of your day by saying 'Hey Google, मेरा आज का दिन कैसा है?'

If you have smart home devices such as Philips Hue or TP-Link automation devices, they can be controlled by the assistant using Hindi as well by saying 'लाइट ऑन कर' or asking questions 'क्या मेरी बैडरूम के लाइट्स ऑन है?'. In addition, it will support Google Play Music and Gaana to play your favorite tunes and you can do so by saying 'बॉलीवुड के गाने चलाओ'.

Setting up the assistant is as easy as ever. All you have to do is activate the Hindi language in your Google Home app from your phone. A conversation with the Google Home will begin as you say 'Okay Google' or 'Hey Google', same as always.

The assistant will learn from users over time and will soon become more powerful and more conversational in its methods. To add to that, more services will soon be included in the language update so you can use your favorite apps with your voice in Hindi.

Meanwhile, more home automation products are expected to come under the spectrum for this language update.