Google Maps' new feature to give live updates on crowd in public transport

Google Maps' new feature to give live updates on crowd in public transport

Rishabh Pachory

Google maps has been becoming increasingly convenient. The application is incorporating almost every aspect of our life into one and when going to a new place, Google maps the app that you use to search it. The app also gives real time information about metros, buses, traffic and a whole lot more. The newest feature that is coming to Google maps is the fact that it will now be able to tell you how crowded public transport is at any given time.

Though public transport helps you save a lot of money, Google maps' new feature lets you know if its actually worth it to take a crowded bus or book a cab that costs a lot more. The new feature will not only give info on metro and bus delays, but also where the maximum riders get on or off the bus or metro.

This will be showcased by icons of humans standing in buses or trains. One human on a train means that it is largely empty, while four means jam packed crowd. Be sure to have your phone ready to book a cab if you spot for human icons.

This feature by Google should be out in almost 200 cities across the globe. Google did not mention exactly which cities these are- so update the app know if your city is part of it.

Earlier this month Google added a feature to the maps application that allows them to track vehicle speeds via their phones and even alert users if they're in a cab and it begins taking a different route. Google maps certainly has made our lives a lot simpler and we're sure that once this new feature is out, its appeal will only increase. With this, Google also aims to push the boundaries of what information you can get from one map.