Google Search, Assistant get special World Cup features

Google Search, Assistant get special World Cup features

Rishabh Pachory

Over time, Google has been improving their services to become one of the most intuitive softwares out there. With so many new features joining its fray, it is a very wholesome software that gives all details at a glance. Keeping in line with the the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 action, Google on Wednesday introduced special features to its Search, Assistant to help people get all the important match updates.

As part of the new changes, users can now explore the tournament table, stats and upcoming matches right by just typing 'ICC Cricket World Cup' on Search in languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Urdu, the company said in a statement. With the added benefits of the languages, users across all strata can use the feature.

For people who would not be able to watch the match Live, Google would show short video clips of match highlights and allow people to read through live commentary in English and Hindi. Though this is an old feature, it is still beneficial for those who want a ball by ball run down of the match.

To keep track of all the matches, users would be allowed to pin real-time scores on their Android phone screens from Search on mobile browsers or from the Android Google App, said the company. Users will get a floating layover that will show them live and updated scores of the ongoing match. In addition, Google Assistant would also help users keep up with the World Cup action by answering questions like "Hey Google, when does India play next?"

You can even get up-to-date stats by asking, "Hey Google, what are the current Cricket standings?" This also works in Google Search. This is in line with the voice commands that Google is trying to push with its users.