Google to reveal Stadia details and  share game titles, pricing soon

Google to reveal Stadia details and share game titles, pricing soon

Rishabh Pachory

Recently, Google announced their new cloud gaming platform called Google Stadia, which is something like the Netflix of video games. Back when it was launched however, the company did not reveal much information about pricing and games that would be playable on the service at launch. Now, Google's cloud gaming service Stadia's upcoming unveil will include price reveal and other information such as game titles.

Details including pricing, game announcements and launch info for the new game-streaming service will be shared this summer, according to a tweet from Stadia's Twitter handle. Google unveiled its Cloud gaming service at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March. The company made sure to make a few headlines with their new cloud gaming service as this was something completely new and innovative, something that we hadn't seen in the past.

At it's core, the platform is essentially a Cloud-based infrastructure where game developers would be able to design and write games to run directly on the Internet giant's hardware at data centres. Owing to this, users would just need high speed internet to connect themselves into a multiplayer game and get going. It is truly the next big thing in the world of gaming.

The tech giant believes that game developers will no longer be limited to computing and will be able to create games with "nearly unlimited resources". Since this is the next step in the gaming industry, Sony and Microsoft also plan to invest in similar technology. At any rate, Google seems to have an edge over them as they have got a head start. The company is optimistic about the future of this technology and are expecting users to jump on the band wagon as soon as it is finally launched. With the upcoming reveal about the gaming service, there is much hype surrounding it and we too are excited to see it unfold.