Here are all the new features of Android Q

Here are all the new features of Android Q

Rishabh Pachory

Each year, Google announces a new OS and this year is no different. Last year's Android P was one of the most innovative software and it incorporated support for notches and other such tech. Android Q is one of the most anticipated softwares of this year, and in a recent event, Google delivered a sneak peek into the upcoming smartphone operating system.

Here's all of the features the company announced under Android Q

Support for foldable phones

Last year, the growing smartphone trend was notches and this year, the same can be said for foldable smartphones. To cater to the growing amount of foldable smartphones, Android Q will add support for the same. This will allow developers to fine tune their apps for such displays and design it in the required resolutions. Apart from that, it will enable them to design transitions and smooth animations.

Sharing Shortcuts

One of the newest features of Android Q is the Sharing Shortcuts feature. This feature allows users to set shortcuts for certain apps and upon tapping the share option, the content will directly be shared on the linked app. Currently, the share option in Android phones have often been regarded as laggy and confusing. With the new feature, the goal is to make it more seamless and less time consuming.

New Privacy Options

Over the past couple of years, Android phones have become increasingly secure and Android Q will take it to a whole new level. In the new operating system, users will have greater control over apps and what permissions they give. For example, Android Q will provide users with three options for location tracking. One when the app is in use, another when the app is running in the background and the third option to completely turn off location tracking.

Additionally, Google is hoping to ensure that app usage is not interrupted by another app taking over the screen, such as full screen ads for apps that run in the background.

Revamped settings panel

With Android Q, users get an option to directly see and open settings pertaining to the app that is currently in use. This will be made possible by the floating panels that were first seen in Android Pie. To showcase this, the company showed a browser where settings for Wi-Fi, Mobile data and airplane mode could be toggled. There is no word on whether the notification panel will undergo a similar change.

Camera and graphics enhancements

In the upcoming operating system, apps can request depth maps of images and thereby provide better image processing and editing capabilities. The data from Dynamic Depth can also be used to improve AR performance and create better 3D images.

At its core, Android Q aims to provide a safer and more convenient smartphone experience to users. The updates mentioned above will surely go through tweaks and changes in order to be more widely used and have a greater impact on how smartphones are used in a day to day basis. At any rate, the stable version of the new operating system should start rolling out some time later this year. Any guesses what the Q stands for?