Here's everything you need to know about OnePlus 6T (McLaren) Speed Edition Orange

Here's everything you need to know about OnePlus 6T (McLaren) Speed Edition Orange

Rishabh Pachory

OnePlus will be celebrating their 5th year anniversary by releasing a limited edition OnePlus 6T. In the past, OnePlus has released limited editions of its phones and it was recently confirmed by the company that they would be partnering with automobile giant McLaren to launch a one of a kind OnePlus 6T (McLaren) Speed Edition Orange. Here's what we know about it.

The OnePlus 6T limited edition takes a leap from the regular device in its RAM. The 6T McLaren edition will feature 10GB of RAM as opposed to the already present 6GB and 8GB of RAM in the currently available smartphones. Another area where the smartphones differ is the back of the phone. The limited edition phone will have a revamped back design that is rumored to house a new color/finish and a McLaren logo.

The launch event of the phone and the celebration of OnePlus's 5th anniversary will take place on 12th December in Mumbai. Passes for the event will be available from 6th December at a price of ₹799. Additionally, the phone has been made available for preorder on Amazon India.

The company has stated that event attendees will be the first to try the phone at the experience zones at the event. Those who visit the event will receive gift hampers from OnePlus that will have the latest OnePlus Bullets Red wireless earphones.

There is no word on the pricing of the phone yet but the company will reveal that alongside the smartphone. The phone will be available a day after the event.