Here's why you need to change your Facebook and Instagram passwords ASAP

Here's why you need to change your Facebook and Instagram passwords ASAP

Rishabh Pachory

There's no denying that ever since it's inception, social media is the fastest growing trend. Millions of people use facebook and instagram daily, without paying heed to what information they're giving out. Now, in a new report, it has been revealed that Facebook (and Facebook owned social medias) does not use any sort of encryption on your password. In simple words, that just makes it much easier for hackers to gain access of your account.

In the past, Facebook has been accused of leaking users' data, selling out information and just generally not keeping one's account very secure. As for these issues, they were not as widespread as the new one and often affected only some users.

The fact that Facebook does not use encryption to secure passwords is a major cause of worry for users worldwide. Not only does it put your data and information in danger, but your entire account could be easily hacked, thereby locking you out of it and leaving it vulnerable.

Up till now, Facebook had always claimed that they were using high end security measures to ensure user safety. Since the company is saving passwords in plain text, we're not so sure that the company is really paying attention to the security requirements of users.

Instagram, another social media platform owned by Facebook has been affected due to the same cause. According to the report that revealed this information, about 200 to 600 million users were affected. Though Facebook has said that they are doing all they can to rectify this and to ensure that passwords will be kept safe in the future, the best course of action right now would be to change your password.

Over the past few months, Facebook has been accused of not being an extremely secure social media platform and it seems that the company is finally taking a step to change that mindset and set a new benchmark in the industry.