Huawei working on a foldable phone with 5G support

Huawei working on a foldable phone with 5G support

Rounak Jain

Foldable phones could be the next big thing in the smartphone industry. Huawei, the world's second largest smartphone maker, is reportedly working on a foldable phone as well.

According to a report, Huawei is reported to be working 'actively' on its first foldable smartphone. The report further states that Huawei could call it Mate F, Mate Flex, Mate Flexi or Mate Fold. These names were obtained from IP documents and have been trademarked by Huawei in multiple jurisdictions, suggesting that Huawei could launch its first foldable smartphone in multiple countries.

It is not known yet what Huawei will call its foldable smartphone. However, the report goes on to claim that the smartphone will also feature 5G connectivity. And if the expected launch dates are accurate, Huawei could launch it around February. When the phone is fully open, the display size is expected to be 8-inches, while it is said to be 5-inches when folded. This is unlike Samsung's $1,770 foldable phone which comes with two displays - a regular 4.6-inch outer display and a bigger 7.3-inch inner foldable display.

Samsung, too, is expected to launch a 5G edition of the Galaxy S10 alongside the regular Galaxy S10 variants. Samsung's launch is expected to happen in February, too, most likely during the Mobile World Congress.

However, while Samsung Mobile is most likely going to use OLED panels made by its sister company Samsung Display, Huawei will reportedly partner with a Chinese company called BOE. According to Korean publication ET News, Huawei and BOE are said to partner for an 8-inch foldable display smartphone.

For the uninitiated, BOE is said to be the world's largest OLED display manufacturer, and the company is looking to expand in the next-gen OLED display segment with its flexible OLEDs. It is said that BOE has already started mass manufacturing flexible displays, but it remains to be seen if they make it consumer devices.