In DxOMark ratings, Samsung Galaxy S10 beats Google Pixel 3 & Xiaomi Mi 9

In DxOMark ratings, Samsung Galaxy S10 beats Google Pixel 3 & Xiaomi Mi 9

Rishabh Pachory

The Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup was launched a few days back and was well received by the smartphone community. Now, in a detailed camera analysis by DxOMark, it has been revealed that the S10 comes in as the top smartphone camera. Only yesterday, it was announced that the new camera king is the Mi 9 from Xiaomi, but the joy for the company was short lived.

Till now, the top two phones were Huawei's Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro. Both of them boasted exceedingly high average scores higher than the Pixel 3, Mi 9 and the iPhone XS Max. The top two phones had scores of 75 and 72, while the Galaxy S10 had a score of a whopping 96.

The Galaxy S10 Plus received a score of 114 for its rear lens which is the same score as both the Mate 20 Pro and the P20 Pro. It also scored a 97 for video, the same score as the Mate 20 Pro but slightly lower than the P20 Pro, which scored 98.

What made the S10 zip past the rival was the dual front facing camera housed in the cutout on the right side of the screen. The phone received a score of 96, beating the rivals. This basically means that the phone should perform better than any other phone in whatever condition you throw at it.

The Xiaomi Mi 9, which received a video score of 99 still remains at the top when it comes to video recording. The score is the highest ever of any smartphone, but now, the overall ranking of the Xiaomi flagship has shifted down to the fourth position.

The triple cameras and the dual front facing cameras in 2019 Samsung flagship helps in going past the competition. Add that to the image processing and AI capabilities of the phone, and you've got a great camera smartphone. However, real-world usage of the phone and day to day pictures taken from this phone could still be beaten by the Pixel 3 or other high end phones. Since the DxOMark test is done in a specially curated environment, the numbers are purely for comparison.