Microsoft hints at new OS in making

Microsoft hints at new OS in making

Rishabh Pachory

Tech giant Microsoft has teased the attendees of the ongoing Computex event in Taipei with hints of a new, modern operating system (OS) in the making. When one thinks of laptops and computers, the operating system that usually comes to mind is Windows. It has been around since a long time and has seen many improvements in the past.

With so many variants of it's OS, Microsoft had earlier announced that they would no longer create new Windows versions, but just keep updating Windows 10. Now however, it seems that a new OS is around the corner.

Nick Parker, Vice President of Consumer and Device Sales took to the stage to outline the company's future OS ambitions and while no official announcements were made about the much-rumoured Windows Lite, the company did discuss what's in the pipeline.

Parker made continual references to "a modern OS" touching briefly on features such as cloud-connected experiences, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and multi-sense, which includes input methods such as pen, voice, touch and "even gaze".

Among other OS experiences mentioned were cognitive recognition services and features that "let users mirror their Android phone screen on their PC and use the PC mouse and keyboard to interact with phone apps and content using Wi-Fi or LTE". Both the technologies are the future of connectivity. We are excited to see them being used on a larger platform and subsequently being used for greater things. At any rate, the information about the upcoming OS is scarce and we'll have to wait a while to see how it actually turns out.

It does seem that Microsoft is planning something different for its OS, beyond its previous attempts at light-weighting, the report said. However, the company did officially announce that it is testing a version of Windows 10 which would release by 2020.