New Google Assistant feature can now read short tales and stories from your phone

New Google Assistant feature can now read short tales and stories from your phone

Rishabh Pachory


Google Assistant is probably one of the most useful feature on any Android smartphone. The app allows for a more convenient use of the phone and is like your own personal assistant. With useful features such as letting you speak out commands and making your phone pretty much hands free, it has quickly evolved and now, it will get a new feature that allows it to read stories.

Google is now allowing Assistant on Android and iOS devices to read out stories in English to people in India, US, UK, Canada and Australia. The available stories range from tales about Blaze and the Monster Machines to more classic bedtime stories like Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood.

This is in addition to other story features like "read along", which automatically plays sound effects as you read from a number of Disney Little Golden Books, TechCrunch reported on Thursday. The selection of supported books remains limited for now, but if the feature kicks off well, the number of books is expected to grow and be more appealing to people of all ages.

The feature was first introduced in 2018, however, it was only made available on Google Home. Previously, when asked over a smartphone for a story, Assistant would come out with a short inspirational quote or a joke. Now, it has the capacity to fully read out a tale or a short story, making thing that much more convenient.

Google's decision comes just in time for the "Tell a Story" day that is celebrated on April 27. With such features, Google Assistant seems to be spreading its wings to become more enhanced and a more friendly experience for users. Paired with the other great features that it provides, Google Assistant is a service that is a must in any Android phone.