New speculations and rumors about the iPhone 2019 emerge

New speculations and rumors about the iPhone 2019 emerge

Rishabh Pachory

Every year, we speculate and make assumptions about what the next upcoming flagship smartphone will be like. What sort of a design it will sport, what new and innovative features it will have and how the phone will fare against the competitors. The Apple iPhone is no exception to this trend and now, new details about the upcoming iPhone have emerged.

According to reports, this year's iPhone models could feature full screen touch ID among several changes. The trio of high-end 2019 iPhone models would, however, have relatively few design changes, beyond additional rear camera lenses, with production set to ramp up in the typical July-August time-frame.

Source: Digit
Source: DigitExpected triple camera set-up on iPhone 2019

Along with the addition of 5G, "the smartphone could also have 3D sensing via rear cameras, full-screen Touch ID and OLED screens from LG", MacRumors reported last week citing a Barclays analyst.

Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis and his associates had shared their expectations for both 2019 and 2020 model iPhones following their trip to Asia earlier this month, where they met with some suppliers within the iPhone maker's supply chain.

"LG may become a secondary supplier of OLED displays for 2019 iPhones, with a 10-30 per cent split of orders with Samsung, ahead of Apple transitioning all of its iPhones to OLED as early as 2020," the report added.

According to rumours, the 2019 iPhones are likely to sport frosted glass casing, bigger batteries, and a bilateral charging feature that would allow users to charge AirPods or an Apple Watch by placing them on the back of the smartphone.

The number of leaks and speculations about any upcoming smartphone are limitless. They give us a ray of hope as to what innovative new technology the upcoming phone will house and how it will improve our lives. Since most of these are taken from leaks, readers should take it in with a pinch of salt as anything could be changed at the last moment.