New Windows 10 update from Microsoft is actually quite insignificant

New Windows 10 update from Microsoft is actually quite insignificant

Rishabh Pachory

Every few months or so, there's a new windows update to add loads of new features and usability changes. Mostly, one of the update is a major one and that's usually the fall update, which comes out around July and August. This year however, Microsoft gave a sneak peek into the software and it doesn't seem like a phenomenal update at all.

From what we've heard, this one is a minor update by Microsoft's own design. About the features of the update too, the company did not elaborate much and stated that they would be focusing on performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements for Windows 10. With this update, they are looking to fix most of the issues that arose with September's updates.

However, this too comes with a dash of silver lining. The process to update Windows will now be completely changed. Instead of sending out two huge updates in a year, Microsoft will now make it a monthly occurrence. Microsoft is exploring the possibility of an operating system as a service.

Users will be given the option to update their PCs once every month. Additionally, the updates themselves will be more lightweight and better optimized to run on a range of PCs. The updates will also be less disruptive, meaning that you can carry on with your work for some part of the installation of the update.

As of now, only select users who are part of Windows' insider program are eligible for this update. Though the update isn't an incremental one, we're eager to see what's in store. However, we can expect that the new features won't have much to show for the average PC user as this update is more of a performance bump. With this one, Microsoft also aims to change the way they deliver future updates.