OnePlus Explorer backpack goes on sale in India

OnePlus Explorer backpack goes on sale in India

Rishabh Pachory

Remember the days when you needed an invite to buy a OnePlus phone? Well, OnePlus has brought back that premium marketing strategy for its latest Explorer backpack. The Explorer backpack was announced with the OnePlus 6T and was expected to go on sale by the end of November.

OnePlus is well known in the mobile industry as an innovator that always tries to push the boundaries of smartphones bringing in a slew of new features with every update. With the Explorer backpack and other such gears, they aim to add even more functionality into the lives of on the go techies. And quite honestly, we just dig the new backpack!

The Explorer, much like OnePlus' phones packs a lot of nifty features for you to make effective use of. The design of the bag takes a minimalistic approach than a conventional backpack. It has loads of hidden pockets here and there for your wallet, passport and other valuables, as well as a padded compartment for storing your laptop and charger. The multiple compartments help you quickly manage your articles on the fly and organize your travel in a streamlined manner.

The backpack can also sustain rough usage as the company claims the bag to be completely tear-proof, anti-scuff and waterproof from all sides. This maximizes the uses for the bag and makes it a versatile choice for people on the go. The side of the backpack also has a handy water bottle holder, which again, is waterproof, making it safe from dripping bottles. To top it all off, it is easy to clean as well due to the weather-proofing.

The bag comes equipped with one zipper which is secured by a magnetic lock on a folding cover to keep it in place. Keeping the ergonomics in mind, the company has designed it in a fashion to shift weight across the entire shoulder blade, making it more comfortable to carry. The bag will be available in Slate Black and Morandi Green hues.

OnePlus has already delved into this market a while back and aims to make a mark for itself here too. These bags are unique in that they are extremely minimal and offer a hassle-free experience for travelers.

The OnePlus Explorer can be purchased for a price of ₹4,990 via an invite through the OnePlus India Store.