OnePlus teases their new TV in a recent twitter post; screen size and other details revealed

OnePlus teases their new TV in a recent twitter post; screen size and other details revealed

Rishabh Pachory

When you think OnePlus, it's usually phones. Well performing, fast reliable smartphones. Now, in case you didn't know, OnePlus are making a TV and it is indeed very real. In a recent twitter post, the company confirmed the screen size of the TV and it's plans for the global market. Read on to know all about the OnePlus TV.


When it comes to TVs, this is probably the most vital aspect of the television. Though the company is known for making phones with good displays, they have taken things up a notch and are making use of a 55-inch panel on the OnePlus TV. Apart from that, the display will he HDR enabled and will sport a QLED display.


The company also announced that the TV would hit the market sometime next month, which is surely music to the ears. Apart from that, the CEO of the company, Pete Lau also stated that the TV would first launch in India and then globally. This is mainly because the company has shared a great relationship with the Indian market and this is them repaying the audience for sticking around.


As odd as it sounds, the TV will come with some powerful specifications (for a TV). The television will come equipped with 3GB of RAM and a MediaTek processor. This is to aid the bluetooth remote and AI capabilities, which will enhance your experience with the TV.


Apart from just the one 55-inch TV, there are rumors that the company will hit the market with not one but four TVs. As of now, there are no details on the screen size and specifications of the other variants, but they should be out very soon.

At any rate, we're glad that OnePlus is launching the TVs in India first. The venture by the company could prove extremely beneficial for the company as the fanbase is rather loyal.