OnePlus will launch a 5G phone in Q1 2019: Pete Lau

OnePlus will launch a 5G phone in Q1 2019: Pete Lau

Rishabh Pachory

OnePlus has long been making waves with its phones ever since the beginning. They bring high-end technology and design to an affordable price tag.

This year's OnePlus 6T has followed the tradition of the past and has brought innovation in technology and design to a new level. The phone has been well received by the company and in the next year, they plan to launch a 5G capable phone, separate from their flagship range of smartphones.

In the next year, OnePlus will launch the first 5G phone in Europe in order to have a leg up on the competitors who will be launching phones with the same technology. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has said that the phone will act as a stepping stone into the world of 5G technology and when the technology isn't mainstream in 2019, the phone will be constantly improved for when 5G actually becomes a common thing in 2020.

Additionally, Lau also said that he and the company are not too optimistic about the sales of the phone. They go on to state that only those who are really interested in such technological advances will be the ones buying the phone and will then let the company know of the shortcomings of the phone or areas where it excels.

With the phone, they aim to tackle Samsung and Huawei 5G capable phones, both of which are established players in the ever competitive smartphone manufacturing game. They hope to smooth out any issues that the first generation may have, so as to avoid the same issues in later generation phones.

OnePlus is known for listening to suggestions given by its dedicated user base and are constantly in the pursuit of making their phones as accessible as possible. Interested readers must note that the 5G OnePlus phone will be pretty much the same as the flagship phone in terms of design and external hardware, while the internals and some aspects of the software will differ.