OpenSignal report confirms the  that 4G in India works faster at night

OpenSignal report confirms the that 4G in India works faster at night

Rishabh Pachory

In a recent report by OpenSignal, it has been confirmed that 4G in India works faster at night. While surfing the web in the morning, you may feel that connections are slow and erratic. However, the same web page, if opened at night, would load faster, be more stable and responsive.

Earlier, it was speculated by users that this could be because of more traffic during the day. Now, it seems like we have an official explanation for this phenomenon.

Apart from just the speed differences in the day and night, the company also confirmed that LTE speeds vary from city to city. As per the reports, Navi Mumbai topped the charts with speeds of up to 8.1 Mbps on an average. It was followed by Hyderabad which has a speed of 7.9 Mbps, Chennai and Kolkata both of which have average speeds of 7.8 Mbps. What came as a surprise was that Delhi ranked 7th in the list of average 4G speeds.

As for download speeds being higher at night, the company backed it with data that showed download speeds are significantly higher at 4 am. In a city with average data speeds around 6.8 Mbps in the day, the speed would rise substantially to 16.8 Mbps by night. That's almost 10 Mbps of extra speed that you can make the best of. The news should come as a blessing for night owls who use the internet or game until the wee hours of the night.

Additionally, their findings also revealed that the slowest 4G LTE speed was seen at 10 pm when the maximum users are expected to be surfing the internet and connected to the same network. By 4 am, the speeds peak at the highest point before gradually depleting.

The download speeds were calculated by taking an average of the city's average worst versus best speed. It was noted that users could experience 4G download speeds, three to seven times faster by being online at different times. In the experiment, it was seen that Hyderabad had the most consistent speeds and Allahabad showed the highest variance.

Earlier this month, Ookla, the speed test company revealed data that showcased the most widely available 4G network- Jio 4G and the fastest 4G network in India- Airtel. At any rate, it is a great feat that India is catching up with the rest of the world when it comes to connectivity options and speeds. The addition of 4G and its increased usage in every field is a step in the right direction.