OPPO jumps on the foldable smartphone bandwagon

OPPO jumps on the foldable smartphone bandwagon

Rishabh Pachory

Smartphone makers all round the world have long been trying to push the boundaries of a conventional phone. With Samsung having launched a prototype of its foldable smartphone, the industry has been shaken up once again and most recently, it is OPPO that has come up with a patent for a foldable smartphone. The question, however, is how companies will convince you that you actually need a foldable smartphone.


OPPO filed the design with a Chinese patent office named SIPO and it took them about two months to validate the patent. The patent was published and approved by SIPO on 13th November. Other companies such as Samsung, Huawei are also in the process of making prototypes of the new design. Recently, a Chinese manufacturer by the name of Royole Technologies revealed the first functional foldable smartphone ever, but it was not at all a polished product.

While filing the patent, OPPO also showcased some possible designs of the patented technology. The basic folding design of the phone remains the same as we have seen from Samsung, however, it is the screen size, cameras and the hardware that vary from one another. OPPO launched a few renders showcasing the front, back and sides of the possible smartphone.

In its normal state, the phone is shown to have two cameras at the back- the side where there is no display, and in another render, the camera is shown above the foldable display. Other renders suggest that the phone comes equipped with a 3.5mm jack and the usual power button and volume rockers.


Upon unfolding the phone, it is seen to have a tablet style display, though the exact size of the screen is not known yet. Unlike Samsung's foldable display which uses the back of the smartphone as an always on display, OPPO's version of the product will feature a non functioning display at the back when it is in the folded state of usage.

In the past, smartphone makers have launched several ground breaking patents but none of them have been as viable as the foldable smartphone idea. Since OPPO, Vivo an even OnePlus are owned by Chinese company, BBK Electronics and one can expect to see Vivo and OnePlus foldable phones in the future.