OPPO, Samsung, Apple most preferred brands by Gen Z

OPPO, Samsung, Apple most preferred brands by Gen Z


The smartphone market in India is growing at a really fast pace and users are demanding better phones at cheaper prices. Gen Z users are looking for smartphones that deliver superior consumer experience with premium tech innovations at entry-level prices, and OPPO, Samsung and Apple are the top three brands that find favour with consumers, a new survey said on Friday.

At least 78 per cent Gen Z consumers see smartphones as a symbol of their lifestyle while 75 per cent feel the devices make them feel powerful in life whereas 72 per cent said they offer them "superior experience through the latest tech innovations", CyberMedia Research (CMR) has said.

The survey was conducted on smartphone consumers in the premium smartphone segment (from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000). The segment has some of the best phones in the market and provide a great value for money. Since Gen Z demands high performance, this was the perfect segment to conduct the survey on.

It is rather surprising that OPPO and Vivo are the users' top choices. One would have expected Xiaomi or OnePlus to top the list, but this is not the case. The fact that Apple is part of this list is no big deal as we were all expecting it to be part of the top most used phones.

"Smartphone brands that provide a compelling consumer experience, backed by industry-leading innovations, and a premium experience at good price-points, will find favour with demanding consumers.

"The Gen Z clearly identifies with OPPO as an innovation trailblazer whether it be in camera or battery charging," Prabhu Ram, head of Industry Intelligence Group, CMR, said in a statement.

The survey said that smartphone upgrades are driving the market, with 55 per cent of the consumers indicating that they upgrade their smartphone every year. However, few consumers are looking to replace their existing brands because of recurring problems.