Panasonic gears up to launch a mirrorless camera in India on April 15

Panasonic gears up to launch a mirrorless camera in India on April 15

Rishabh Pachory


Panasonic is widely regarded as one of the best tech manufacturers of our generation and they often make high end cameras that are used in filmmaking. They are known for making 3D cameras and 4K cameras that are widely used in the film industry. Apart from that, the company also makes some great consumer cameras and now, they are all set to launch their latest Lumix S series mirrorless cameras in India.

The new mirrorless camera by the Japanese electronics major will be part of their Lumix series, which is aimed at high end photographers as it offers a wide range of functionality. The Lumix S series will feature two cameras, both of which are mirrorless. The Lumix S1 and S1R will be launched in India on April 15.

As for the specifications of the cameras, they both will come equipped with a CMOS sensor and the Lumix S1 will sport a 24.2-megapixel full frame mirrorless sensor. The Lumix S1R on the other hand is a beast in that it sport a bigger and better 47.3-megapixel mirrorless sensor. Apart from that, the cameras incorporate an array of innovations including digital technology like image or signal processing, optical and heat treatment technology among others.

Not only are the cameras great in the photo department, they also set new ground when it comes to film making capabilities. Both the cameras come with image stabilization features that allow for more stable shots especially in low light. Apart from that, the cameras also come with 4K recording capabilities at 60 or 50 frames per second. If you're looking to vlog or make YouTube videos, you should consider these cameras.

The cameras will launch in India on April 15 and they are expected to be priced between Rs 2.5 and Rs 4 lakh (lens included), industry sources told IANS on Wednesday.