PUBG Mobile 0.8 update: Sanhok Map, QBZ, Flare Gun and more

PUBG Mobile 0.8 update: Sanhok Map, QBZ, Flare Gun and more

Rounak Jain

PUBG Mobile is all set to get the 0.8 update that will bring the Sanhok Map, QBZ rifle, flare gun, new vehicles, customizable pickup options and more. The game was down for maintenance earlier today and the updated version of the game slated to hit the Play Store and App Store starting from September 12.

However, there may be a slight delay for iOS users like previous updates. As of filing this story, the server maintenance is finished and the new version will be pushed to Google Play and Apple App Store soon. When a player will update the game, they are entitled to receive one Outfit Box III (7d) and 1,888 Battle Points.

What's new in PUBG Mobile 0.8 update?

New Sanhok map

The 0.8 update will bring several additions to the game, including new guns, new vehicles, and the highly-anticipated Sanhok map. The Sanhok map has been available on the PC version for quite some time now and was made available for the Xbox version recently. The map is also available on the PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield, which is also expected to receive a new update soon.

Sanhok stands out in comparison to the existing maps—Erangel and Miramar. The last added map, Miramar was a big desert and the new Sanhok map has a tropical setting and the game will be played in the forests in South-East Asia. Sanhok measures 4 x 4 Km in area and is almost 1/4th of the other maps. This doesn't bring any changes to the game rules though, it will still spawn 100 players at the beginning, and quite obviously the higher concentration of players in the smaller area will result in fast-paced gameplay, intense gunfights and quicker deaths.

In addition to this, players will need to download the Miramar and Sanhok map separately which is 330MB and around 90MB in size respectively. Tencent Games have included this option with the new update to reduce the size of the PUBG Mobile app.

QBZ assault rifle (Uses 5.56mm bullets)

With the new map, you will also get two new guns - a 5.56mm based QBZ, an automatic rifle that will replace the Scar-L that was recently removed from the game. Similar to other 5.56mm rifles in the game, it has a magazine size of 30 which can be increased to 40 using an Extended Mag. It has similar damage as the M416 with a little more recoil, which can be managed after some practice.

In addition to the QBZ, the new update also brings Duckbill choke attachment for shotguns, S12K and S1897. The duckbill will enable a wider bullet spread from the shotgun and will be helpful in those close quarter combat situations.

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New Flare gun to call for airdrop or a bulletproof UAZ vehicle

The second gun is the Flare Gun, and it is not meant for fighting enemy players. While it has a magazine size of 1 bullet, it is the rarest item in the whole game and can also be the most useful item. When used inside the safe zone, it will call an airdrop which is 2 times bigger than the current airdrop and is assisted by three parachutes.

When you use it outside the safe zone, it will call a bulletproof UAZ, which is the strongest car in the game. While you will not get hurt if someone fires at you from outside, the downside is that you will not be able to shoot someone while you are in the car either. While the car is stronger than other vehicles, it is not immune to damage, can be destroyed after a while and even the tires can be destroyed to stop the vehicle.

You must note that the flare needs to travel a vertical distance of 200 meters at least and once you fire it, it will be visible to other players in your vicinity, meaning the risk of attracting enemy players from all directions.

Quick Tip: Firing the flare gun at an edge of the safe zone is the safest option if you wish to limit the possibility of being spotted from all directions.

Also remember, If you fire the flare gun in the house, you will neither get an airdrop nor the UAZ. In addition to the UAZ, players will also get the muscle car Mirado, that will be available in hard-top and convertible versions.

What's more?

Other changes to the game include a revamped UI, customizable pick-up settings and improved anti-cheat measures. The new anti-cheat measures include improved cheat plug-in recognition and the addition of report buttons on pages. We expect there to be some small additions and bug fixes along with these features and will know more about them once the update is available on the Play store.