India's first PUBG Mobile Championship announced for college students

India's first PUBG Mobile Championship announced for college students

Rounak Jain

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is all the rage at the moment in India. In fact, it would be an understatement just to say that the game is popular in the country as we are seeing a massive increase of online communities on social media platforms around the game here in India. Seeing this popularity, Tencent Games, developer of PUBG Mobile has finally announced the first ever PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018. It is touted to be the biggest esports spectacle India has ever seen and with a prize pool of ₹50,00,00, the championship is surely going to attract all kinds of gamers across colleges.

This PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018 is being held in association with OPPO India and Playtonia which is a platform that promotes and organizes esports tournaments. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the tournament, do note that this championship is exclusively being hosted for college students in India who are older than 15 years and have a college ID with a registration number.

How to register for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018?

First things first. Create your own squad of trusted and efficient PUBG Mobile players. Winning a round of PUBG Mobile often comes down to synchronization between players and your own personal choices that you make during the course of the game. So choose your squad wisely.

Registrations for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018 are underway until September 21. From September 22, first, 10,000 teams who 'Check-in' will automatically be qualified for the Online Qualifier round which will be held between September 26 to October 5.

The last round of the championship, Grand Finals will be held on October 20-21 and is an offline event where finalists will be provided smartphones to play the finale.

Players can head over to the official PUBG Mobile India website to register their squads.

Rules and Regulations for participating in PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018

Like we mentioned earlier, the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018 is strictly for college students who are enrolled for the year 2018-2019 and possess a College ID card which has their registration number.

Participants need to keep in mind the various updates and technical issues hence it is advisable for players to install PUBG Mobile updates prior to the tournament. Additionally, during the course of the Campus Championship 2018, the squads themselves will be responsible for technical issues and matches won't be rescheduled.

Teams will be subject to disqualification if they are found to be using emulators or other additional tools to play the game. Even if players modify the game files on their smartphones or are using one key to bind two actions during the gameplay, the whole squad will be eliminated.

Leveraging any exploit or bugs is forbidden while betting is just a no-no. Players who are caught partaking in such activities will be disqualified immediately and will be banned from the game for a minimum of 6 months.

Teams which want to stream their own gameplay will need to get permission from Tencent Games from the official PUBG Mobile India website.

The gameplay style of PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018

The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018 will be hosted on the Asia server with 10,000 Squads in third person perspective (TPP). The Map for all the matches will be set to random selection and the weather set to sunny.

Each kill is rewarded by 20 points and at the end of the tournament, these points will add up to the final ranking of each player.

To get to the top of the leaderboard, a player needs to have at least 500 points which technically means that he or she needs to get 25 kills. Likewise, for the second position, players need to have 395 points and 350 points for the third place. Players will qualify for the Best of 3 and Best of 5 matches.

Prize Pool of PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018

The Campus Championship features a prize pool of ₹50,00,00 which comes from Oppo India. The top 10 squads standing at the end of the tournaments will receive a cash prize starting from ₹15,00,00 for the first position to ₹50,000 for the tenth standing.

Oppo India will also be giving away smartphones to the top 15 squads.

Along with this, there are some special prizes for players who are able to complete the underlying achievements during the Grand Finals.

The best player with the maximum number of MVP will be awarded the MVP title along with cash prize whereas the player with the maximum number of kills will be entitled as The Executioner. There's one prize for all the Medics out there as well. The player with the highest revives will be titled as The Medic while The Redeemer will go to the player with the highest health restored. The player with maximum kills in one lobby will get the title of The Lone Ranger and the maximum surviving player is The Rampage Freak. All these titles will be given to the finest players of the Championship and will be accompanied by ₹50,000 in cash prize.

So what are you waiting for? Assemble your squad and get to the safe zone!

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