PUBG Mobile crosses 200 million downloads matching up to Fortnite

PUBG Mobile crosses 200 million downloads matching up to Fortnite

Rounak Jain

Tencent's popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile has now reached 200 million installs on the Google Play Store, matching the landmark reached by Fortnite on November 26 this year. PUBG Mobile, as per a statement released by the company now has over 30 million active daily users.

PUBG Mobile was recently awarded the best game of 2018 in the Google Play Store, however, its biggest competitor Fortnite was not a part of this competition as it not available on the Play Store as Epic uses its own website and downloader to distribute the game on Android devices.

While Fornite's 200 million installs include all its platforms such as PC, mobile and console, PUBG Mobile's installs are only limited to mobile users. Additionally, the total installs do not include the users from China that have installed the game as Tencent has a different version of PUBG Mobile in China.

Tencent has sold over 50 million copies of PUBG to PC and console players worldwide and if we include this while calculating the total number of registered players, PUBG will be able to beat Fortnite easily.

PUBG Mobile enjoys a good user base in countries such as India as most gamers in the country prefer to use a smartphone as they lack a proper gaming pc or console. PUBG Mobile works well even on low-end devices and the company had earlier launched PUBG Mobile Lite, a toned down version of the game that has been designed for entry-level devices.

While Fortnite has cross-platform functions that allow users to use the same profile on all platforms, PUBG does not work this way and a user has to create a different profile for each platform.

While Fortnite has an edge over PUBG on PC due to it being free to play, PUBG Mobile is ahead of Fortnite when it comes to Android and iOS due to its wide availability, ease of playing on mobile and early entrance in the smartphone market. While Fortnite is available for all iOS devices, it's availability on Android is currently limited to high-end devices only.

Tencent recently released the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update that brings the recently announced Vikendi Snow map to the mobile game. It'll be interesting to see if Epic Games takes on PUBG Mobile by increasing the supported devices on Android.