PUBG mobile gets a 6-hour play limit across India

PUBG mobile gets a 6-hour play limit across India

Rishabh Pachory

Of late, PUBG Mobile has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. In Rajkot, 6 youths were arrested for playing the popular battle royale game and the game has also been banned in Gujarat. Till very recently, there was no word on all this from Tencent Games, the developer of the popular game, but a new development has come around.

The developers have implemented a system that only allows users to be in game for 6 hours a day, thereby curbing the negative impact that the game was allegedly spreading among the youth.

This new move will only be applicable for users in India, and will take some time to be implemented across all players' games. Tencent has said that in the coming few weeks, it should be implemented on a nationwide scale.

To accomplish this, the company has put up three prompts that pop up on screen. The first after two hours of play, another after four hours and the last one after six hours, after which the game is rendered unplayable.

Popup messages that show up on screen
Popup messages that show up on screenIndiannoob

This comes after a statement that was released by Tencent, stating that the game is meant to be played for fun and enjoyment in a healthy manner. They also added that they had no intention of the game to turn out this way and are working to reduce the harsh effects on young adults and children alike.

This new move has some players in a spliff as they stated that they have been gaming for a long time and the only reason this is happening is that the game is too popular for its own good. Other players said that since they play the game for only just over two hours, it doesn't really affect them in any manner.

However, the new move is rather disturbing and goes to show that the Indian market is not ready to accept gaming as such a big part of a youngster's daily lifestyle. Similarly, in China, the game had been banned for children below 13-years.

The new development has not been implemented across all players devices yet, but it should happen soon.