PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 with a prize pool of 1 crore announced

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 with a prize pool of 1 crore announced

Bruce McAvoy

Tencent is leaving no stones unturned when it comes to maintaining the momentum and popularity of the battle royale sensation, PUBG Mobile, especially in a market like India. With a prize pool of Rs 1 Crore, PUBG Mobile has kicked off one of its biggest tournament in India. The PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 will see squads going up against each other to win that delicious chicken dinner.

However, the best part is that there is no registration fees involved so everyone can participate till they are over Level 20. The registration for the tournament has begun and will go on till January 23 followed by two qualifier rounds and a grand finale.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019: Tournament format and schedule

The registration for PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 is underway and interested players can register themselves till January 23. So there are a couple of things that the players should keep in mind before enrolling themselves into the tournament.

During the PUBG Mobile tournament, all the rounds will be held in Asia server region with each squad having four players in a third-person setting. The only eligibility criteria to get into the tournament is that the player should have a Level 20 account or above.

Interested players can head over to the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 registration page and sign up. After signing up, a player can join a squad for which they need to fill in a Squad ID or they can create a squad themselves and invite their friends.

Online in-game qualifier round

Between January 21 and 27, all the participants need to play 15 classic rounds with their registered squad members in Erangel out of which 10 best rounds will be considered for the next round. These 10 rounds will be chosen based on a number of factors that include but are not limited to kill count, rank, survival time, accuracy, team play etc.

Online Playoff's

The next qualifiers are the online playoffs which will be held between February 10 to February 24. Now, during the Round 1 playoffs which will be held from February 10 to 15, only top 2000 squads will be chosen and divided into 100 groups with 20 squads per group. These groups will then play with each other as a knockout match and the top 4 squads from every group will head into the next round.

In the Round 2 of playoffs (February 16 to 19), top 400 squads that survived Round 1 will be divided into 20 slots with 20 squads per slot. These players will play for position and the top 4 squads will move into the third round.

The Round 3 (February 21 to 24) will feature 80 squads slotted into 4 groups of 20 squads each which will go head to head and the top 5 squads will make to the grand finale.

The Grand Finals

The PUBG Mobile India Series Grand Finals will be held in March and will feature the top 20 teams that will play one last round for the biggest chicken dinner ever!

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019: Cash Prizes

The winning squad of this PUBG Mobile tournament will get a cash prize of Rs 30 lakhs while the squads finishing second and third will be awarded Rs 10 lakhs and Rs 5 lakhs respectively.

There are a couple of individual awards and titles as well which will be awarded to players based on a specific skill set. Each of these awards also has a cash prize of Rs 50,000.

  • The MVP Award will go to the player will maximum number of kills

  • The squad with the most number of kills will be bestowed with the title of The Exterminators

  • The Healers will be awarded to the squad with the highest number of revives

  • A player with the highest amount of health restored will be given the title of The Redeemer

  • The player who survives the battleground for the longest time will be awarded the title of The Lone Ranger

  • Finally, the player with the most number of kills in a single game will be given the award of being The Rampage Freak.